Monday, September 7, 2015

Long Awaited Update

It's been over three years since I last posted anything to this blog or made any sort of update on the Bug's website. In February 2012 I took the Bug to the stripper. The original plan had been that by the following year she'd be ready for paint and taken somewhere to get sprayed. Life however had other plans.

In October 2012 my wife and I found out she was expecting and the following May our second son arrived into the world. A few months prior to that we had to sink a large amount of money into replacing half of the roof on our house. At the end of 2013, feeling squeezed by the size of our house we decided to sell it and build a new one. (Link to our house blog.)

I never expected the Bug to sit this long. As it stands now I'm making plans to at the very least get it primered and hopefully painted sometime next year. (Seriously looking at going the DIY route on this to save money.) The body has started to deteriorate slightly and I need to address it before any sort of rust starts to appear. And by restarting this blog it should give me the motivation to get some things done and make progress, however small at this point.

In the garage at the new house. It's the same size as my old one (and attached to the house) but it's a little more cramped since I no longer have a shed for storing all my yard tools and other stuff. 

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